services and classes

Camera instruction, photo review, Photoshop or Lightroom instruction,  printing, archival advice, most any topic you desire. Held at Gallery.

  • 1 hour  – $59
  • 90 Minutes  – $79
  • 2 Hours – $109
  • Phone Consult – $39 per hour
  • Remote Computer Link – $39 per hour
  • Day-long Private Field Trip –
    • $350 for 1 person (plus gas)
    • $495 for 2 persons (plus gas)
  • Private Lightroom Workshop - 4 Hours 
    • 1 person for $225 or 2 persons for $285
    • Includes extensive notes & DVD training


Sensor Cleaning

Don't let your sensor look like this!!

In an SLR camera, a pivoting mirror covers the digital sensor until the moment of exposure. As you take pictures and change lenses, you introduce contamination from dust into the mirror box area. Dust on the sensor shows up in your photos typically as a round, black out-of-focus spot, especially in sky areas. Every digital SLR WILL get dust at some point: Dust can be more than just dust: fibers; pet hair; pollen; diesel fumes, etc. Once you get the spots, they are in EVERY photo until you take care of them. Unless you have the proper tools and experience, it is best to let a pro clean your sensor.

  • $45.  Typically 3 day service time.
  • $75 Rush, same day, when available


Image Recovery

Recover lost images from your memory card.

Up to 8 gig for $30. Over 8 gig is $40

Photoshop Work

Work on your image files to correct, optimize and/or enhance. –  $80 per hour. 15 minute minimum

Photography Mentor Program

New for 2017. An intense, customized learning experience with Steve. Click HERE for a detailed PDF flyer.

Special Private Solar Eclipse Consult

Let Steve prepare you for the amazing August eclipse. Just $75. Includes printed materials and eclipse glasses.