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Fay Timmerman-Traudt

Fay Timmerman-Traudt has always loved the feel of fabric. She began stitching at her grandmother’s knee at four-years-of-age. She later was inspired by Amish women’s use of bold colors and dynamic lines in their quilts. She has been creating and collecting quilts since 1985.

Moving to western Colorado in 1988 changed her view of the world and her quilting style. The sandstone patterns, unending vistas, unexpected colors and texture of sagebrush and cactus influences her awareness. The Petroglyph artwork created by the early Americans continues to inspire her work. She creates intuitively and is often surprised and delighted with the finished piece.

Fay and her photographer-husband, Steve Traudt, lived in the incredible high desert of Glade Park, Colorado amid the solitude, landscapes and abundant wildlife, an influence which continues to shape her esthetic.

Click to VIEW GalleryMost of Fay’s work is innovative art quilting. She hand-dyes, dye-discharges and hand stamps and paints many of her own fabrics. She also teaches and designs in hand-made paper, doll making, embroidery and wearable art.

A founding member of the Colorado West Quilters Guild and The Art Quilt Association, she owned and operated Quilt Junction in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado for eight years.Click to purchase Book

Her quilts have won prizes in Road to California, Quilt Japan and the Colorado Quilting Council’s competitions. Fay’s creations hang in collections in Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, California, New York and Japan. Her quilt “Ancient Messages” was featured in the 2000 American Quilter’s Society’s Art Quilt Engagement calendar.

Fay’s art piece, “Desert Blooms” was included in the 2010 “500 Art Quilts” published by Lark Books.


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